That’s right, coffee.  I am into it.  I should really write a more robust (get it?… ugh) post about what’s so rad about coffee, where it comes from, roast selection, etc.  I’m not gunna do that today.  I’ll likely talk about my likes and dislikes at some other point, but I’m currently in an objective mood.  I’m in the mood to get shit done and I want to keep that mood going.  I think keeping focused on things that do or help me do just that will make me keep doing that voodoo that you do.  Doo doo.

My standard drip coffee maker is now broken and my French press is a bit small for regular use, so I’ve been looking for other coffee brewing options.  Some of them seem pretty great and some seem very novel.  Those stove-top espresso machines look really interesting, but I’ve read far too many reviews of them not living up to their advertisement.  And a few of them exploding.  So…

Current favored options, in no particular order:

I actually gave the Aeropress to my brother for Christmas.  I already knew it was good before I gave it to him, but didn’t know how good.  After giving it a try, I am completely convinced that coffee brewed from the standard drip coffee maker is sub-par.  After reading up on how pros use the French press, I’ve started getting some excellent cups of coffee out of mine.  Maybe I’ll share some instructions at some point… maybe that’ll be my first video for this blog.  Pro’lly not.

The Chemex seems almost like a magic beaker supported by a pack of liars.  I mean, maybe I just don’t understand how that thing actually works, but it just looks like a manual drip.  Maybe that’s all you really need.  And by the way, I’m not accusing the makers of the Chemex liars.  I’m saying that about all of the 5-star reviews all over the internet.

The Toddy and the Yama seem more novelty than practical usage.  I’m willing to believe that the Yama delivers some potent and smooth coffee, but it seems way to involved to be a daily brew thing.  The Toddy seems like it could be really good for me.  It’s a cold brew system that is suppose to work overnight.  You fill the top part with grounds and cold water, put it on top of the carafe, pop it in the fridge and just let it do its thing.  In the morning, you have a carafe full of super-concentrated coffee which you can use for all manner of drinks.  To enjoy hot, you poor some of the concentrate into your mug and cap the rest off with hot water.  You could also just microwave it.  I guess.  The thing is, the Toddy is fucking huge.  Even if it fits in my fridge, and it might not (I haven’t measured), it will take up a lot of room in there.  Room that I should be using for healthy stuff like milk, fruit, and yogurt.  On the other hand, I could brew a week’s worth of coffee in one go.  And, of course, people have very good things to say about the coffee it produces.

So right now, the French press is about a B+, A-.  Standard drip coffee maker is a C-, at best.  The Aeropress pumped out some A+ coffee.

Additionally, I’m checking out electric kettles and coffee grinders.  The only kettle I have is glass and proving a bit impractical.  My grinder is perfectly competent, but it’s not great.  It’s one of the $20 dealies, which anyone other coffee snob knows isn’t really a grinder.  It’s a chopper.  The worst part is coarseness control, which is entirely by feel and eye.  If I over-shoot my grind, I could clog up the brewing apparatus.  Plus, as it isn’t a real grinder, it can’t ever make a truly consistent grind.  There will always be bits that are bigger and smaller than the grind I want, which will ultimately dick-up the brew.

tl;dr – I’m replacing my crappy coffee maker with some undetermined awesomeness.