Home Decor

I want a really huge house.  I also want a really awesome, unique, urban penthouse.  And a private island with a rad house on it and a super-yacht to take me there.  Think Hearst Castle, the penthouse of The Pierre Hotel, and I don’t know… thing.

Now that’s good and ridiculous, and I’ll never have even one of those homes, but a man can dream.   I live in a modest, two bedroom condo in a middle-class neighbored.  In a few years, I plan to move into either a bigger home (townhouse, single family) with a lot more room or another condo with a great location.  I’m sharing this all mostly so you have an idea of what kind of person I am, but I’m not really sure that it will help at all.

The thing is, on the occasion that I check out crazy shit like those places, I start thinking about the style and decor of my own home.  I have two styles that I like a lot, but they are diametrically opposed.

Style 1 – Old School Classy/Dark Wood

  • Big, heavy furniture
  • Mahogany/Black Walnut/Black & White Marble
  • A big office with a huge, immovable desk and endless library
  • Velvet and leather upholstery
  • Big ol’ fireplace
  • Chaise lounges/club chairs/ottomans/armoires
  • Giant, heavy, dark table in the dining room

Style 2 – Ultramodern Minimalist/Clean

  • Firstly and most importantly – NOT PO MO! Because post modern blows, and so do you
  • Wide open spaces
  • Glass, metal, white marble/granite
  • Futuristic, to a point.  I like wall, floor, seem, and recessed lighting.  I don’t like those stupid ball-chair things
  • Things can be folded away
  • mesh office chair
  • Wireless/hidden wires
  • TV/speakers wall mounted
  • wall mounted shelves

I think this leaves me with one option:  I need my home to be more like Flynn’s mountain escape in TRON: Legacy.  Minus the weird light-up floor and in-wall shelves.  I liked that movie way the fuck too much.

I have more thoughts on interior design, mostly about what I’m doing to do to my walls (paint/wallpaper) and home much I hate post modern furniture.  Also, I want this – fuckin’ crazy thing – so I can be a Bond villain.  And if we’re fantasizing, I’d also like to have something likeThe Pinnacle in Montanna.  As a family thing.  Like something that my brother and I could bring our families to and invite parents/cousins/friends to for winter and skiing vacations.

Any thoughts on interior design?  Have a dream home you’d like to share?  Feel free to hit up the comments section, or tweet me – twitter.com/onehobowine.  Or email, I guess.  hobowine@gmail.com

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