Things I want to get done this year…

I’m not really a “New Year’s Resolution” type of person.  I think it’s fine if you need it, but I don’t think you should need it.  The holiday as a whole seems like Amateur Night night to me, but that’s something for another show.  I do, however, think that the beginning of the year is a pretty good time to evaluate your life and make some plans for the upcoming year.  So this isn’t really a New Year’s Resolution List, but if you’d like to think of it like that, knock yourself out.

Aaron’s 2010 List of Shit To Do in 2011:

10.  Complete a song (writing, recording, editing, and have someone else actually listen to it)

9.  Touch a boob  Find a regular fishing spot

8.  Get an MFC model on 3 Guys

7.  Launch a website that I’ve been working on for a good few years

6.  Drink a whole bunch less

5.  Save some more money

4.  Change up my routine

3.  Drop some wait

2.  Get a new phone

1.  Get a new car

Got any stuff you want to get done in 2011?

Oh, and just so you know – don’t expect me to continue daily posts.  A couple a week is more likely.  If daily happens again, you’re welcome.

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