My Favorite Holiday Viewing

And by “viewing”, I mean TV and movies.  By “Holiday”, I mean the stuff from post Halloween until New Years.  Halloween has to stay separate, for obvious reasons.  Christmas could stand on its own with movies, but ties nicely with the secular holidays of the season (Thanksgiving and New Years), and I’d likely include Hanuka if I could remember anything other than Eight Crazy Nights.  I’ll talk movies, try to remember some Christmas TV, and slap together a dumb top list for cartoons.

Movie-wise, I actually really dig some of the classics.  I’m alright with Miracle on 34th Street, but it’s not a big deal to me (and the remakes are all terrible).  I fuckin’ love It’s a Wonderful Life.  A lot of Christmas Carol remakes (and the original) are pretty rockin’.

However, my favorites are movies that just happen to take place in the holiday season.  The first two Home Alone flicks were alright.  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is great.  Die Hard,Batman Returns, and  Toy Story are holiday rocket ships.  I’m into A Nightmare Before Christmas, and I like how it rides the line between Christmas and Halloween (and I’m apparently a 17 year old emo chick).  But this year, I think that Bad Santa will be my favorite Holiday “Classic” to hang out with by the (virtual) fire.  And yeah, I know that Christmas is over… but I never watch shit on that day anyway.  It’s always a bunch of family shit followed by shooting something in the face.

Did I think of any live action holiday TV?  Nope?  Fuck it.  Cartoons.

Alright.  Here are my Top 5 Favorite Holiday-Assed Cartoon Episodes:

5.  Family Guy – Road to the North Pole (new to this year, and yeah… it’s pretty great)

4.  Invader ZIM – The Most Horrible Xmas Ever (There are no explanations.)

3.  Futurama – Xmas Story (John Goodman is a robotic, murderous St. Nick)

2.  The Simpsons – Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire (It was the first episode.  Really.)

1.  South Park – Woodland Critter Christmas (Hail Satan!)