I want an iPhone

But I’ll take a Windows Phone 7 or Droid (that Incredible looks pretty great and is priced wonderfully).  I’m giving it until the end of January, and then I’m buying something.

I also think I’m dropping cable.  Well… FiOS TV.  Verizon’s the whole deal, really.  I’m not really into brand loyalty.  When a company does you wrong, fuck ’em.  They aren’t people.  They don’t deserve our love or loyalty.  The relationship is very simple: In exchange for goods and services, we give them money.  Their goal is to make a buck by providing that jazz; our goal is to get that jazz and try to save a buck while doing so.  We don’t owe each other anything outside of that agreement, which is why I don’t understand the aforementioned brand loyalty and despise fanboys… fanboiz.  Hell, I don’t even like how I’m using “aforementioned” as if I know how to.  I have strong feelings about the whole fan loyalty shit, but I’m trying to make shorter, more-frequent posts, so I’ll save that for another time.

Anyway, on the rare occasion that a company doesn’t fuck me over on a regular and typically hooks me up, I like to stick with them.  I’d be a fool if I weren’t shopping around, and I have been, but Verizon has done me right and continues to work very well for my budget.  They also haven’t dropped a call in at least four years, I’ve only had one internet problem in two and akinda problem with the FiOS TV in the three-ish years I’ve had it.  Those problems were cleared up with almost no effort on my part.  Comcast, on the other hand, tried to fuck me on cable and internet every chance they got.  I’ve also heard several horror stories about other ISPs and cellular service providers.  Add in good discounts for being with them for so long, and yeah, I do actually want to stick with Verizon.

That being said, I’ve been good and indecisive (and fuckin’ salty) about finally diving into the smartphone pool.  I was one click – ONE FUCKING CLICK – from getting that Droid Incredible (which I might still get) when someone stopped me.  I’m happy they did, but I’m still good and salty.  Now the chances are pretty damn high that either/both the iPhone or/and WP7 are coming to my network in under a month.  I’ve waited this long, I can do one more month.  So I’ll have a new phone in about a month.  There is only one way that I won’t – if one of these phones is officially announced for Verizon and has an actual release date.  That’s it.

tl;dr – Getting a new phone, but not just yet.  Fanboiz suck whole bags of dicks, but I do like my telecom company.

Oh, right – Christmas was good, my health is a suckfest (but getting better), I’m getting a new coffee thing, and I need a new booty-call girl that’s actually in town.  Going to see TRON tonight-ish.

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