3 Guys Fervor, Logos, and More

So I’m feeling some behind the scenes stuff for 3 Guys somethin’ good.  Not sure why, but I really feel like putting some stuff together and making the next time we crack the mic’s really special.  I’m culling together some odd news stories, nabbing up some top lists and brackets, and preparing some stuff that I hope will provide us with some original content.  I find our original content to be the best of all of our stuff, but I find it difficult to present a subject that everyone can get into.  Part of the problem is that we don’t (and need to) follow a few of the basic improv. rules a bit more (stuff like “yes and” and only negating for follow-ups).  I’ve also been looking to include more music (maybe play us into breaks or something), but that’s less important.  Anyway, I’m putting together material that should launch us into generating that original content.  Stories, opinions, and on-the-spot list making.  I think we do pretty well in those areas.

On that note, I’m really trying to figure out how to get the damn listeners to interact more.  A few have expressed a desire for live shows and call-in lines.  I’m down with this, but I’m not going to do it for just ten people.  Download, pageview, and facebook stats would suggest that we have a pretty fair amount of listeners, but only a handful of folks have ever written in.  If that’s how a live show would be, then what’s the point?  But hey, I get it.  Most of my entertainment, news, and wtf’s are from the internet as well.  I mostly lurk, too.  I almost rarely write/call/whatever any website, and even less for shows.  What I will do, however, is vote in polls.  I’ll take surveys.  I even participate in short list of forums.  It has been suggested to me that I utilize the polls and surveys tools of wordpress and facebook to generate a little user-feedback, and I think I’m going to give that a shot.  We’ve also had people asking for 3 Guys forums for a while, and I’ve greatly ignored this.  I’ll look back into that, but I’m still not sure that a full-on forum is right for the show.  I mean, we had a year+ hiatus.  Right now is a time that I wish 3 Guys was more strongly associated with a group of blogs and internet radio shows (like when Jackie, Simon, Colm, A.D., Brett, etc. had that thing).  If we were, I’d strongly suggest that we start up a one-stop forum for all shows involved.

Alright, back to things that I’m doing – I’m making a new logo for 3 Guys.  Actually, I’m making several.  One main logo, one for iTunes, one to put in a page-top banner, and a stripped down thing to slap onto original images and stuffs (likely just text in a font that evokes the show).  That being said, this is also a place that I could use some listener interaction (as I am a rube at graphic design).  So if YOU want to make a logo, please do.  Just email it to hobowine@gmail.com.  PNG is probably best for my purposes, but I think I can do just about any image format.  I’d be happy to check out logos, banners, posters, and other such images.  If I pick yours, then… maybe a prize.  OH – I’m still working on Jennifer’s prize.  It’s gunna be pretty lame, though.  Sorry.

Time for a quick tangent – Dude, have you all seen that new series of Converse shoe commercials?  Dr. J is lookin’ fuckin’ GREAT!  I really hope I look that distinguished and suave at his age.  I really wish I looked that good right now, actually.  Damnit.

LASTLY!!! – I have a very specific bitch about interactions with the ladies that I’d like to relate on this here blog.  However, it’s a bit complicated and requires some prep.  Also, I’ve already written a fair amount in my crummy and unfinished book, “You’re Doing it Wrong: You’re Bad in Bed, and Here’s Why.” (working title).  As such, expect to see a series of posts on the subjects of age disparity in sex and dating, how being in your late 20’s affects your sex life, maybe a chart or two, and some pictures.  And maybe some boobs.  We’ll just have to see where I take this.

tl;dr – I’m doing stuff so the next 3 Guys shows are good; help me make a logo for the show; Dr. J is handsome; Age ain’t nuffin’ but a thang?

About Podcasting…

I’m editing the last of a group of three recordings right now (on the side of the work that I am lazily doing while at work…),  and it’s cracking me up.  I was there.  I was a part of it.  The audio is screwed up, we’re kinda shitty, and it’s fuckin’ slaying me.  How lame is that?