So about that game…

I’ve had two emails and they were both terribly wrong.  I blame myself.  Actually, I blame all of you, but whatever.  How about a recap and I’ll add the band’s initials?  Yeah, that sounds great.

Here’s a game that I stole from radio shows.  Three bands, one wacky clue each.  Just guess the bands.

Example – “A number of women in a furious mood – V.F.” = “Violent Femmes”

Email your answers to – first to get all three (or whoever I feel like) wins a prize.  I don’t know the prize yet, and it might just be a rape you thank you note or some original and poorly drawn arts havings.  Articles (the, a, an) sometimes count as initials.

Name That Band!!!

1.  THE + LaVare Burton refused to go by “Toby” – T.R.

2.  Official ruler of the United Kingdom – Q.

3.  Bound Fairy Tale Protagonist – A.I.C.