I can’t believe any woman still touches my junk…

I just saw a picture of myself that someone tagged on those facebookings.  I am a fat-fucking-mess.  Technically, I’m down 30 lbs.  I say “technically” because I’m down from that couple months I went REAL unhealthy and ballooned to three bills.  Fuckin’ gross.  And don’t think loosing that 30 was a miracle.  I was just too fattened on junk food and booze that my body couldn’t retain the weight.

So from biggest to smallest, here are my main problems (and what I’ve done to fix it):

  1. The Booze.  I’m about 50% fixed on my over-use of the creature, but it just shows me how way-the-fuck-too-much I have been drinking in the past.  I’ve put myself on booze probation, starting with one week.
  2. Inconsistent Exercise.  I’ve mostly remedied this, but I need to add something on weekends and cut skip days.
  3. Junk Food.  This is almost entirely out, but hasn’t been my greatest problem, ever.  I don’t have a sweet tooth.  In fact, the main food problem I have is portion control.  But that’s getting fixed.

That’s about it.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but there it is again.  The real thing is that I am not only amazed that any woman still lets me bang them, but I’ve started to lose my nerve and tenacity to try and get a woman.  My tits need to be smaller than the ladies I dig, and a lot of them are small chested.  Anyway, here’s a picture from my birthday: