I picked up great grilling food and don’t have a grill

See the thing is… no wait, that’s just about it.  Well alright… let’s… something else.

Right, I’m a slutty skank that likes some strange whenever he can get it.  I’ve actually been a bit hornier then normal, which has made most of my home interneting craigslist and hook-up site oriented.  On that note, my subscription to onlinebootycall.com – a website of note – has run out.  They are offering me some insane deals to sign back up.  There’s even an insane lifetime subscription, which I’ve been thinking about a lot.  However, I think I’m going to check out a new site.  It’s something like xxxcupid or something stupid like that.  Actually, I think it’s just another skin for a dating/hook-up site database.  Turns out that’s pretty common.

I was talking about this earlier today, actually.  I’m guessing people reading this are familiar with jdate.com.  If not, it’s a dating site set up specifically for Jewish perspective daters.  By the way, what the fuck says “Modern Bigotry” more than a website that is only for your race, religion, or culture?  Anyway, those sites started popping up all over the place.  There is at least one for every race, one for every culture, one for every religion, one for every major metro and a few small markets.  Then there are a few for specific goals but not specific profiles, which I think is better – more on that later.  Well, the awesome thing is that a lot of these sites got bought up by various internet moguls and companies.  Those entities took the member databases from each site they bought and crammed them into one big database which they then use for every site.  The good companies will build in some background options that keep appropriate profiles where they belong (only people who chose Jewish as their religion end up on jdate).  Other companies don’t differentiate.  The website is just a skin for the database.  The users have to find what they want through search options.  Think about that for a minute.  It’s a great real-life joke.

Anyway, I think this xxxcupid is one of those “skin sites”, along with another website I’ve been checking out.  That, however, doesn’t bother me at all.  I guess if I was a bigot that only wanted to date white South African Episcopalians that immigrated to the US from Brazil, I might get pretty pissed if I sign up for WSAEdate.com and some actual Brazilians where on there.  What the crap was I saying?  Right.  It’s not a problem for me.  In fact, it really just means a bigger database.  The only problem is when they have wildly different goals – a problem with the fling.com network.  Fling.com is kind of a naughtier dating site.  I forget if this is true, but I think it’s linked somehow to match.com… not sure about that one, but that site is a more serious dating site – no naughty.  To make it an even worse collection of profiles, I happen to know for sure that fling.com directly shares a database with seekbang.com.  In case the name didn’t spell it out for you, seekbang.com is billed entirely as a hook-up site.  That’s not at all dating.  Not to say that people looking to date don’t show up on hook-up sites.  I mean, there are people looking for friends on a fucking website calledonlinebootycall.com.  Cunts.  The only real problem with the site is that you end up treading lightly with most chicks.  You’re not sure why they are there but you want a chance regardless.  Plus, you can’t be sure that someone you know offline is checking out dating sites but sees you naked holding your cock.  By the by, I never put nudes up.  I don’t think I would ever if I was in great shape and had a monster wang.  But you know… gotta keep my “What I’m Looking For” section clean.  I can’t say, “I wanna buckfuck you while my pet monkey snorts bumps off some homeless girl we fo…” and so on.

To wrap this up, I think I’m getting hornier because I’m getting my testosterone closer to normal again.  Mostly because I’ve been getting more sun and I’ve been exercising more regularly.

TL;DR – Booty-butts and gimme some.