I need a new beard trimmer.

I need a new beard trimmer.  Well, I guess I don’t need one, but I’ve grown accustom to having one.  I guess that means I get it in divorce?  Mine is a few years old and just not working right.  Actually, it stopped working perfectly around a few months after it was new – which was likely because it was my first, and I had no idea that you need to care for them.  I usually take good care of my things, but guess I had no idea how to take care of an electric beard trimmer.  Or maybe it’s just shitty.  Either way, it ain’t gettin’ it done anymore.  In fact, it’s starting to do more trouble than worth.  The blades get all stopped up and suck.

What I really want is an olde-fashioned straight razor and one of those silly-tiny mustache scissors.  Unfortunately, quality razors start at around $50.  That’s really the low end.  Thereally good stuff is like two-hundred bones.  But let’s say I find one for $60.  On top of that, I need a strop (about $25) and stop power or paste (about $6).  Shaving soap, soap dish, and brush are more or less optional (as I could just use regular shaving cream), but I’d want the real stuff.  I have a sharpening stone, but I guess I’d eventually pick up one that’s meant for straight razors.  There’s still more stuff, but the point is that I don’t want to drop $150+ a part of grooming that I’ve already got covered.  Then again, a good straight razor lasts for life.  You never need new blades.  Crap, I’m talking myself into it.

What I really wanted to write about is something that I noticed while cleaning up my beard this morning.  Cleaning it up, I should mention, to a perfect “three day shave” with a chin puff and soul patch.  When you’re doing precision grooming, you tend to get right-up-on the mirror.  I noticed a particular chin-whisker that looks a lot lighter than blonde.  I think it might be grey or white.  This isn’t something of distress for me.  It’s not the first grey-ish hair I’ve found, though it is the first I’ve noticed in my beard.  It’s not a big concern.  In fact, I not only came to terms with the inevitability of going grey early, I’ve actually started looking forward to it.  My dad’s hair went grey young, and I always thought it was a cool look.  At some point he started dying it, and I thought it looked strange.  He doesn’t dye his hair anymore, and it looks a lot better.  I can’t tell if my rouge whisker is actually grey just yet, so I’ll keep an eye on it.  Really, the part I’m not prepared for is the idea that my beard goes grey before my hair.  That seems strange to me.  What I really wonder about is how people feel about going grey.  What percentage of ladies dig the grey look?  How do most guys feel about going grey?  Can I cast magiks if I have a grey beard?  I have no answer.  Only questions.